Why Your NEED to Upgrade to an Electric Toothbrush


How beneficial are electronic toothbrushes actually? We are constantly hearing that they are better than our tradition manual toothbrush, but to what extent? Apparently, research has shown that the difference is night and day between the two and using an electronic brush can potentially save you trips to the dentist in the future.

Gum Health and Plaque Reduction

 Studies on the effectiveness of electronic toothbrushes have shown that the chance of getting gingivitis (inflammation of the gums) decreased by 11%, while the buildup of plaque decreased by 21%.




Did you know that a study by the Department of Pedodontics in Germany found that individuals with braces have a significantly easier time brushing their teeth while using an electronic toothbrush? You and your braces can thank me later!



Too Expensive to Switch?

One of the main reasons many don’t make the switch to electric brushes is because of the expensive price point. On average, you will be spending about $130 to get yourself an electric toothbrush, plus $15-$25 on replacement heads every three months. Some major brands even charge an astronomical $250!



Well, price is no longer a reason not to switch over. The Brizz brush offers our flagship brushes at a fraction of the price, for only $59. The Brizz Onyx and Brizz Pearl go toe-to-toe with many major brands, while also going beyond the scope of just toothbrushing. Not only are you going to get a top tier electric toothbrush, but also a state-of-the-art massaging and exfoliating head that you can easily place on your brush for your skincare routines!

Try Brizz today! Your teeth, skin, and wallet will thank you.