The Perfect Skincare Order for the Best Results!

Ever wondered if putting your eye cream on after your moisturizer made a difference? Well, it does. The key to the perfect skincare order is to follow the rule of thumb: "Lightest first, thickest last."

1. Cleanser
The first step is to make sure any and all makeup is completely removed (we recommend micellar water). Following this, you should use your favorite cleanser that goes with your skincare type. The Brizz Brush silicone head + massaging mode is perfect to use with your face wash of choice to get that nice clean face base - the necessity before applying any other skincare products. Makeup-clogged and oily skin is a total no-go way to start off your routine, so make sure to get a nice thorough cleanse.

2. Toner
Next is toner. If you aren't using toners, start now. This water-y based goodness is so good for hydrating and treating acne-prone skin. Even if your skin isn't problematic, toner is perfect for just giving you some extra hydration for happier skin. Move on to the next step once your toner is nicely absorbed (your skin should be dry).

3. Serums/Spot Treatments
A super slept on product are serums. Different kinds of serums are great for treating different battles. Vitamin C containing serums are an awesome brightening tool to help fight aging, dullness, and discoloration. Rosewater serums are great for hydration, while tea tree serums help treat acne. Spot treatments are perfect for targeting specific areas like a breakout or any scarring. Apply a very thin layer when using spot treatments (conserve your products! Plus the amount doesn't change the effectiveness).

4. Eye Creams
If you're ever confused on whether eye creams or moisturizer go first, following the rule of thumb comes in handy here. Eye creams are bit thinner than face moisturizers since they are going to be applied on such a delicate area of the face. Thinner creams make for smoother and less aggressive applications. Make sure to use your ring finger when applying your eye cream. The less pressure/tugging on the skin, the better!

5. Moisturizer
Now the finish line: moisturizer. Another great boost of hydration that helps relieve any cracks or extra texture in our skin. Different moisturizers have different ingredients to help you target your skin problems better. Some focus more on anti aging, while others focus more on texture or dark spots. Pick the right moisturizer that fits your goal. Apply the moisturizer in gentle circles to ensure that it's being absorbed (don't skip applying some onto your neck area).

Following each step is super important in helping you get the beautiful skin that we all deserve, so take your time and watch your your dream skin become a reality xx

Published By:

The Brizz Team