Can the Way You Brush Your Teeth Save Your Life?

We have all been guilty of forgetting to brush our teeth at least twice a day, it’s only natural. Some days we just get home so tired that all we want to do is jump into our bed and catch some Z’s.

What if I told you that those days you’ve been forgetting to brush have been increasing your chances of having a heart attack or stroke? I know that would get me out of bed really quick to give my teeth a nice clean. It’s just 4 minutes out our day after all, right? That’s about 0.2% of your entire day. Yes, I really brought out my calculator and did the math. I spend more time scrolling through YouTube trying to find something entertaining to watch, so why not use that time doing something that could literally save my life.

Not only does brushing reduce your risk of heart disease, but it does so by as much as 300%, according to the American Heart Association. Who knew brushing had such a huge impact on one of our most essential organs?


So just remember this article next time you’re dozing off in bed without using your Brizz Brush. Your mouth, heart, and arteries will thank you!



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This information was provided by the resources at the American Heart Association. Visit for more information.