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Why Your NEED to Upgrade to an Electric Toothbrush

  How beneficial are electronic toothbrushes actually? We are constantly hearing that they are better than our tradition manual toothbrush, but to what extent? Apparently, research has shown that the difference is night and day between the two and using an electronic brush can potentially save you trips to the dentist in the future. Gum Health and Plaque Reduction  Studies on the effectiveness of electronic toothbrushes have shown that the chance of getting gingivitis (inflammation of the gums) decreased by 11%, while the buildup of plaque decreased by 21%.     Braces Did you know that a study by the Department of Pedodontics in Germany found that individuals with braces have a significantly easier time brushing their teeth while using...

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The Perfect Skincare Order for the Best Results!

Ever wondered if putting your eye cream on after your moisturizer made a difference? Well, it does. The key to the perfect skincare order is to follow the rule of thumb: "Lightest first, thickest last."1. CleanserThe first step is to make sure any and all makeup is completely removed (we recommend micellar water). Following this, you should use your favorite cleanser that goes with your skincare type. The Brizz Brush silicone head + massaging mode is perfect to use with your face wash of choice to get that nice clean face base - the necessity before applying any other skincare products. Makeup-clogged and oily skin is a total no-go way to start off your routine, so make sure to get a nice...

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Can the Way You Brush Your Teeth Save Your Life?

We have all been guilty of forgetting to brush our teeth at least twice a day, it’s only natural. Some days we just get home so tired that all we want to do is jump into our bed and catch some Z’s. What if I told you that those days you’ve been forgetting to brush have been increasing your chances of having a heart attack or stroke? I know that would get me out of bed really quick to give my teeth a nice clean. It’s just 4 minutes out our day after all, right? That’s about 0.2% of your entire day. Yes, I really brought out my calculator and did the math. I spend more time scrolling through YouTube...

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